Brava Bra Good Option for Breast Asymmetry?

Hi, I'm from the UK, I've been reading on this website about the use of Brava Bra for breast asymmetry correction. Can anyone go into more detail? My situation is I'm 36 with size different in breasts of at least one size, the largest being a d cup (I wear 34d, although this is a little loose these days as I think I'm losing breast volume due to age). I've read up on the brava website but it doesn't say anything about asymmetry, and it also says it can't be worn about a c cup. Thanks

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Brava good for Asymmetry

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The Brava may help correct asymmetry depending on how significant the difference is between the two breasts. If the asymmetry is fairly different, you still may want to use Brava and then consider fat grafting to the breasts.  The Brava will create space in the smaller breast (think of tilling soil) where fat can be put into the breast and have a more symmetrical appearance.  The great thing about fat grafting is you can literally put it wherever you would like.  

Brava Bra alone gives only temporary changes

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The BRAVA Bra alone gives only temporary changes.  To be effective it should be combined with fat grafting after about one month of use. It is most commonly used for preparation of breast for reconstruction or for breast augmentation with fat for smaller breast sizes.  This doesn't mean it can't be used for assymmetry.  In order to tell if you are a candidate, I recommend finding a plastic surgeon who uses the BRAVA who can exam you and give you recommendations based on that exam.

Adam Hamawy, MD
Princeton Plastic Surgeon
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Brava for breast asymmetry

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The Brava suction bra might be effective for breast asymmetry of about one half cup if used on one side. Given that your larger breast is in the D-cup range the Brava probably will not fit as the suction cup is only so large.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Size is only part of the problem!

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When evaluating assymetry, volume, shape and degree of nipple-areolar sagging(ptosis) needs to be addressed. Correction of these problems with extra volume alone can increase the problem or make it no better at the least.

I always explain to patient that correcting ptosis and shape differences comes first - only then do I consider volume corrections!

Good Luck!

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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You really need effective surgery to correct breast asymmetry.

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I would not waste time and money on these non invasive and non effective techniques.

Sight unseen, you probably need different size implants in each breast.  Or if you don't want implants, you need a lift of the smaller breast, and a small breast reduction of the larger breast.

But breast symmetry can be achieved.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

BRAVA system for breast asymmetry

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The brava system is a vacuum devise which creates negative pressure over the breast leading to stretching of the tissues, increase number of blood vessels in the breast and some increase in tissue volume. The use of the system changed with the reintroduction of fat grafts to the breasts. The brava prepares the breast to be a better recipient site for the fat grafts and decreases the number of fat grafting sessions. The brava is worn for 8-12 hours/day for 4-6 weeks prior to the grafting.The other option you have is a breast reduction on the larger side or an augmentation on the smaller side with possible lift on the larger side. Difficult to make suggestions without photos. See a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options based on you anatomy and desires. Good luck.

Brava system for breast asymmetry

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The Brava system is a suction device that aims to stimulate an increase in the size of the breast.  However, it only has a short term effect.  There have been better results when the Brava system has been used in conjunction with fat transfer.  The suction device creates a temporary increase in the size of the breast and then this is filled with fat.  It is only of benefit in patients with very small breasts, who need that temporary expansion to allow more space to put the fat in to - and even then it is questionable whether the benefit is worth the effort required to put up with the suction cups. 

If you have a D cup breast, you have enough volume to put fat in to without the need for the Brava system.  Having said that, fat grafting in to a normal breast is a subject of some debate as to whether there is a risk of inducing cancers.  The consensus seems to be that it is safe, although not many people are doing it at this time.

It may be worthwhile seeing a plastic surgeon for a consultation, as there are tried and tested techniques to help people in your position, which will involve either a reduction of one or both breasts if they are too big or an augmentation of one or both breasts if they are too small (with or without an uplift).

Good luck.

Brava bra

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The Brava bra is a temporary means of correction.  It is cumbersome and  time consuming.  It is not intended for larger breasts or asymmetry although it might be  possible to use the system on one side only.

Beverly Friedlander, MD
Short Hills Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 19 reviews

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