I Have Had my Breast Implant Removed After a Deep Infection, How Soon Can It Be Replaced?

i am desperate and want it replaced quickly, but my surgeon says we must wait 3 months!!

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Timing of breast implant replacement after infection

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I am sorry about the problem you have had after breast enlargement. The longer you wait after the removal to have the replacement the easier it will be to perform the surgery and the better your final result will be. I would advise you to be patient. The breast needs to soften prior to reoperating on it. The body needs to clear the infection completely. This usually takes at least 6-9 months. 

I am sure your surgeon feels your pain. I know I would if I were your surgeon and I am sure your surgeon also feels the same.The surgeon and patient are on this journey together. 

I hope this was helpful. 

New York Plastic Surgeon

Timing of Replacing Breast Implants after Infection?

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 I'm sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced after breast augmentation surgery. Generally speaking, timing for breast re augmentation  is a clinical decision best made by your plastic surgeon. He/she will need to use his/her best judgment depending on factors such as location of infection, severity of infection, an the patient's current clinical situation ( absence of infection, inflammation, and quality of skin elasticity‚Ķ).  The exact organism involved with infection may also be a  factor to consider in the decision-making process.

If in doubt, it is better to wait  a longer period of time than to expose yourself to the risk of recurrent infection/complications. I would suggest that you continue to be patient and allow your plastic surgeon to use their best judgment ( without too much pressure from you  to return to the operating room too soon).

 I hope this helps.


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