Tear Trough Hollows Appear Worse After Lower Bleph, No Results With Lip Lift; What Are My Options? (photo)

hi, i had lower eyelid surgery 6 weeks ago. my doctor repositioned the fat and remove the excess skin also treated festoons. as the swelling gone down my tear trough hollows appears worse than before. also right eye slightly bigger then left eye. i had bullhorn lip lift together with internal lip lift wit no succsess. i have got a horrible smile now. my upper lip is covering my top teeths like a thick heavy curtain. i'm very depressed. don't know what to do. please help. thanks for any answers.

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Hollow eyelids after blepharoplasty

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It is difficult to evaluate your tear trough with your submitted photos. The best view would be looking straight ahead and not to the side or upward. However, with that in mind, if your tear trough is worse, you could try Restylane injections with a cannula, such as the Dermasculpt microcannula to see if that meets your satisfaction. If it does, then try fat grafts (fat transfer) for a more permanent solution or even an implant. I have found that tear trough implants have been very satisfying for my patients through the years.

There are no photos of your upper lip, so I cannot offer any suggestions except that at 6 weeks you still have some swelling, which would elongate your upper lip.

I would consult your plastic surgeon for his opinion in this matter. I'm sure he has some suggestions for you. You can always have more skin removed from just under the nose if necessary. Please be patient with this, however. It takes several months for all of the swelling to subside, expecially in the upper lip.

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