I Had a 6mm Chin Implant About 6-7 Weeks Ago, and Tail On the Right Has Gone Under the Jawline?

Needed correcting as the tail on the right had gone under the jawline. This was done but there is still a lump there, I am not sure if this is scar tissue or the same thing happened again. I am going back to US this weekend to see friends and family after 6 mths, and am petrified people will notice the implant; am thinking of having it removed. 1)Will people notice? 2)How long does recovery from removal take? 3)Is there any chance my surgeon (Bangkok) lied to me about the size (it seems so big)

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Chin Implant Malposition

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Chances are that what you are feeling is the implant and not scar tissue. It should be promptly corrected if possible. What you are describing is a typical scenario about medical tourism. My advise is to seek a board certified plastic surgeon in the United States for evaluation and treatment if required

Chin Implant has repositioned

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Dear Richard.

It sounds like your chin implant has shifted in position and needs to be removed. You are probably palpating the end of the implant and not scar tissue. Will people notice? I am not sure if it is visible or only palpable however typically if you can feel it to the extent you discuss it is visible. Recovery to remove the implant is quick and you should be fine within a few days. You may have some soreness or bruising in the area depending on the scar tissue formation and technique used on the original implantation. As far as your surgeon and if he lied  to you I don't know. I do not know if you agreed on a particular size or shape or even if the size matters as much as the fact it  is mal-positioned or the wrong form of implant for your needs. It needs to be removed or removed and replaced with a more suitable choice. For future reference come to the states for surgery Bangkok is not known for it's expertise is surgical finesse.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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