Wanted to find out if its normal to be completely numb still from my tummy tuck? (Photos)

Hi, i wanted to find out if its normal to be completly numb still from my tummy tuck , he cut me from hip to hip and im scared im not going to get any feeling back , Im doing womb care now n im just so depressed from all this im 7 weeks post op . My PS and i dont see eachother anymore since i started womb care . Very concerend

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I know your post states that you are seven weeks post-operative from abdominoplasty but the photo appears to show a drain still in place. Very unusual for the drain to be left in for more than 7-21 days. It is not unusual to feel numb after this type of surgery but skin sensation will usually return to normal slowly over time.

Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Numbness common

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Numbness is common after a tummy tuck and it can take a year or so for all sensation to return. However, I’m concerned that you aren’t seeing your surgeon anymore. Why is that? It’s common practice for surgeons to monitor the recovery of their patients. Followups are usually scheduled over the course of a full year, so you should still be seeing your surgeon at this point. 

Your plastic surgeon

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should STILL be seeing you if this was a cosmetic procedure.  Its his responsibility to see you through this until the end... the happy end.  And as for the numbness, my patients are told not to expect recovering anything below the belly button.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question. If you meant wound care, your incisions should be well-healed by now. It would be useful to visit your Plastic Surgeon in person for assessment as you continue to heal. Numbness often persists long after you've healed. It could be 6 months or more before feeling returns and this is a normal part of the healing process. I recommend that you share your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon.

All the best


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It is very common to have numbness following a tummy tuck.  The nerves that are damaged can take a long time to heal, much more than other tissues.  In most people it can take six months to a year before the nerves fully heal and the numbness is gone.  This is a major surgery and you need to give yourself time for your body to fully heal.  If you still have numbness after a year consult with your plastic surgeon to see what their recommendations are.  Good luck with the rest of your recovery.

Healing after a tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question.

After a tummy tuck you can have numbness for 6 months sometimes longer.  The numbness is usually from the belly button down and gradually as you regain feeling it goes from the belly button down to the incision. Stay patient, you are only 7 weeks post-op you still have a long way to go to be completely healed. Good luck with healing.

Francis Johns, MD
Greensburg Plastic Surgeon
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Numbness After Tummy Tuck #tummytuck

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  • It is normal to have numbness from your belly button down to your scar for many months. 
  • At 7 weeks the numbness you have is expected and unavoidable. 
  • I tell all my patients to expect this numbness because ice or a heating pad could really damage this skin post operatively since patients can't feel anything.
  • Most tummy tuck patients regain most of this feeling by one year post-operatively.  However, some patients may have some residual patches of numbness that can be permanent. 
  • Definitely, follow up with your plastic surgeon. 
  • Thanks for sharing!

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