Higher Botox Units for Face Reshaping?

I had Botox injection of total 70 units at both my masseter muscles to reshape my face, but there was no significant result after half year passed and the doctor suggested me having a second try by increasing to 80 units (40 units per side). I wonder if this is a high unit? How many units do doctors usually use to reshape face? Please give me some ideas and thanks in advance for your advice.

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Botox for face re-shaping?

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Botox temporarily decreases movement in muscles into which it is injected. It really doesn't do much to specifically change facial shape. The lack of performance may have told you that already.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

Botox for face re-shaping

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If you did not see a significant result, you simply need more units - as much as 50 units per side, or more.  Furthermore, the full effects are noticed after a series of injections for about a year so you will need to be patient.  I hope the higher doses work better for you.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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