Are You at a Higher Risk for Stretch Marks After Smartlipo if You Get Pregnant (Again)?

I am getting my lower abs done next week. I have a "pooch" from my college days. I have 1 beautiful baby and want another "someday"...but it may be years from now and I don't want to live with this any longer. I made it through my 1st preg with no stretch marks. Will smartlipo increase my risk for the future? Thanks so much!

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Stretch marks and smart liposuction

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There have been no studies of which I am aware that have investigated the development of stretch marks after any type of liposuction and eventual pregnancy.  The theoretical basis of stretch mark formation is the rapid distension of the dermis of the skin, or a side effect of treatment with corticosteroids or hormonal spurts during puberty and adoelsence.  The dermis may be improved after liposuction, regardless of smart lipo or any other type, so possibly there could be less prevalence in stretch marks with distension of pregnancy after lipo than in someone who didn't have liposuction but this is not known.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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SmartLipo should not increase future risk of stretch marks

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There is no reason to believe that SmartLipo will increase your future risk of getting stretch marks, and there is no medical literature to suggest that it would increase your chances to my knowledge.

Lawrence Osman, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

Stretch marks and liposuction

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i don't think that you are at higher risk of stretch marks from smartlipo.  the truth is, stretch marks occur because the skin stretches in a rapid fashion.  liposuction shouldn't cause skin to stretch and should in fact allow skin to retract.  that being said, be careful about anyone who tries to sell you on a remedy for stretch marks.  i wish there were one, but sadly, i don't think they exist.

Eric Chang, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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