Will Higher Double Eyelids Help Scleral to Show Less?

will higher double eyelids make upper eye scleral show slightly less? i have slightly less than desirable upper eye scleral show on one eye, which also happens to have a lower double eyelid.

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Sure, photos here would be very helpful.

To interpret your questions, you are basically describing asymmetric upper eyelid ptosis in an Asian eyelid.  Double fold surgery is not ptosis surgery.  When ptosis is present this needs to be addressed with additional internal surgery.  The key is to see a surgeon who actually is highly trained and versed in eyelid structure.  An oculoplastic surgeon who focuses on doing Asian eyelid surgery is very important.

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Double eyelids and scleral show


Without photos its very hard to answer your question.  I also am not clear on what you're asking.  However, performing a double eyelid procedure can increase scleral show, decrease it, or leave it the same.  With an experienced Asian eyelid surgeon these things are possible.  I wish I could tell you more but I need a photo.

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Scleral show is NOT desirable!

It is important to understand what "scleral show" actually means.  Scleral show is the amount of "white of the eye" visible above the cornea [upper scleral show] or below the cornea [lower scleral show]. It is a measurement we use to describe an ABNORMAL eyelid position.

If there is upper scleral show, then the eyelid is too high.  If lower scleral show is present, then the lower eyelid is too low.

So unfortunately, you description doesn't make sense to us. If you can post photos, it might settle this confusion.

Best of luck


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