Is it more likely that I will get an infection if I have a second chin implant?

I had chin implant 20 years ago, now I want to remove existing one and put a new one, a one bigger than my existing implant, so my jaw line look better. will I have higher chance get infection? and what else I need to be aware before I go under knife?

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More likely to get infection when removing and replacing chin implant?

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There should not be an increased chance of infection when removing an existing chin implant and replacing it with a new one.  

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Removal and replacement for a bigger chin implant to improve the jawline

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Removal and replacement of a chin implant can be performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient surgical procedure. The removal of the old implant and placement of a new implant should not have any bearing upon the infection rate. In our practice, we use antibiotics when  performing implant surgery. 

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Chin Implant Replacement

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Having a prior chin implant does not place you at greater risk of infection should you make an exchange for a new larger chin implant. The important questions about your next chin implant is what is the type and size of your current one (from 20 years ago you are unlikely to know) and what dimensional changes (horizontal, width and vertical) do you want to see in the new one.

There is Not a Greater Chance of Having an Infection After a Second Chin Implant

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There is no reason I can think that would make undergoing a second chin implant would make you higher risk to contract an infection.  Other questions I would consider:

1)  What type of implant was originally placed?
2)  How was the chin implant secured?  (are there screws?)
3)  How is the sensation of your lower lip?  Are there currently any areas of numbness.

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