How High Can I Go on the Lightsheer Lumenis Laser?

I am very fair skinned w/hair that's a little coarse on a couple parts of body and fine on other parts. i'm on my 4th session of laser hair removal. I have a VERY high pain tolerance. How high can my laser tech go on my legs, arms, etc.? She has not went above 35 (she says machine goes up to 50) for fear of burning. But because my hair is so stubborn, I'm worried that "35" won't help much. Is there a reason she can't go above a 35?? Thanks & please ask me any add'l questions u may have.

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Laser hair removal settings

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It is important to avoid burning the skin during laser hair removal.  The technician will watch the response of the hair to the laser and look for some crimping of the hair and a burning smell.  Different areas with different qualities of hair will require different settings.  If you are noticing a good response to the treatments, the technician is using the appropriate settings.  If not, discuss your concerns with her.

Toronto Dermatologist

Laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal works best on fair skin and dark hair. As for the settings of the laser, that can be determined by the physician. A tech will follow the least settings in fear of burns and skin color changes. That is why I do the laser hair removal and not delegate it to a technician or even a nurse.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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