I Am 58 and I Am Starting to Sag? (photo)

! I have spent $1,000 `s of dollars to try to stop or slow down the aging process for little or no improvement ! Lots of creams , lasers , botox , filler etc. I have a hereditary sagging neckline and lower face . I do not want to go under the knife . Would the ultherapy or Thermage help me ? Will it be worth the cost enough to see a difference ? Thank you Phyllis ( St.Louis Mo )

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Facelift is the better option

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At 58 years of age the sagging in the jaw line and neck line and lower face cannot be treated with injectables, fillers, lasers, Botox, or any other types of ultrasonic skin tightening procedures.  The best option for somebody in that age range is to undergo a lower face/neck lift which will address jowling, facial laxity, neck cords, submental and subplatysmal fat, and rejuvenate the lower face and neck area.  Please view our photo gallery to see examples of other patients in that age range who have undergone a facelift.

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Needing a facelift

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Dear Phyllis, Thank you for your photos as they clearly show that no non-surgical treatment will be worth the money for you.  The loose skin and sagging in the neck can only be treated well with a properly done facelift.  Please check my photos for examples.

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