High Profile Saline Implants for my Size?

I am getting a high profile Saline breast implants that measure from 425 cc to 450 cc. I am 5'5", 130 lbs., and each of my breasts measures 11.2 inches and 11.3 inches in diameter. I am a 34A (small a). Are the implants going to give me a natural-looking breasts?

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Breast implant sizing

Your diameter is probably in centimeters, not inches.

I would be very concerned in a thin patient with relatively small breast tissue that you might encounter significant rippling with a saline implant of that large size.

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Depends on your shape before

The dimennsions of your breast are most likely measured in cemtimeters therefore your natural breast is 11.3cm wide while the Allergan High Profile 425-455cc implant measures 12.1cm wide when fully filled. This places the implan a "little" wider than you natural breast but doesn't sound like it will overpower your natural breast. The larger the implant and the smaller the native breast, the more the implant shape will overcome the breast shape. The best way for you to envision what to expect is to place the actual implants in a sports bra, pull on a t-shirt and look in a mirror.

Dr. Edwards

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High profile breast implants

Implants come in many different projections for the same base diameter. The benefit of a high profile implant is that more volume can be contained in the same base diameter. So to get a bigger end size you have to use a high projecting (High Profile) implant.

The only issue with such a big implant in someone with so little breast tissue is that it may not look very natural. The more the ratio of implant to breast tissue will determine that the implant gives most of the shape to the breast. So, if the proportion of implant is much higher than breast tissue the more rounded and unnatural the breast will look.

With your base diameter, you can have high profile implants that are 450 cc or moderate plus profile saline implants that are 390 cc. The smaller, less projecting implant will look more natural, but also less full than the bigger high profile implant.

Kent V. Hasen, MD
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Initially it may look less natural


It sounds like you have researched breast augmentation well and you should be congratulated. High profile saline implants work well in very small breasted women because there is less of a tendency to ripple than with the moderate profile implants.

Whether they look natural depends on your definition of natural. Our patients find that they have a "rounder, fuller look" but, with a little extra time, they start to have a more natural shape.

I see nothing in your post to tell me you should back up from the choice of high profile. At least in the short term, though, moderate profile implants will look slightly more natural.

Francisco Canales, MD
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