High Profile Saline Implants for a Small-framed Woman?

I'm 5'1 and 105 pounds and i want to get a high profile saline implant n is thinking about getting 400cc...i have a small frame and dont want the implants to make me look bulky and fat...would that be too big for me?? and where is the best place i should place the incision?? under the armpit? nipple??

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Breast implants should fit your chest dimensions

Picking an implant size and profile without regard to your measurements is a mistake. You are a petite woman- some implants will look very nice on you, and some will not. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in your area that does a lot of nice looking breast augmentations. The surgeon will carefully measure your chest and breast dimensions and help you pick an implant that will satisfy your aesthetic goals.

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Small Frame Breast Augmentation

For a woman who is a small frame, a dimensional sizing system is now becoming much more popular. Your size and volume depend upon your biases, your frame and your surgeon’s experience. A woman who has a very small frame and a narrow base width breast will have some restrictions on her as to what implants can be used, particularly if she chooses anatomic implants. Using round smooth implants under the muscle will give you larger volume opportunities than your actual measurements may imply. These tradeoffs should be discussed with you in your consultation. If your main concern is to look natural and proportionate, then a more modest enhancement will be something that will be discussed with you using both measurement techniques as well as sizing techniques in consultation with you and your surgeon. I do the sizing myself in all of my consultations so that patients have a full opportunity to discuss the tradeoffs that occur with each different implant style. Because I offer more than one style, I enable my patients to become “an expert” in both their breast and their implant options.

Of course adding fat to your implant breast augmentation is another option using a Brava technique to expand your tissues. You and I may discuss serially adding fat to your breasts that will be yours forever and will never need an implant replacement. These opportunities are now much more common for a woman who wants to be “proportionate” and wishes to have the naturalness of her own fat over the long term. For a woman who has already had two children she may commonly find that her breasts are very saggy from pregnancies and breastfeeding.

Having a breast augmentation may give you some nipple repositioning but if the nipple position is below your fold you may need a lift at the same time. Should you get pregnant again with implants under your muscle, there is no interruption of your breast from the nipple connection. The milk ducts go right to the nipple and the implant is placed behind the muscle so there is no negative consequence. Having the implant in your breast under the muscle has no difficulty with you breastfeeding if you didn’t have breastfeeding problems to begin with. The discussion of these particular elements are undertaken at the time of my consultation with my patients, especially if they have not yet completed their fertility so none of their options are foreclosed.

Paul Vanek, MD
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High Profile Saline Implants for a Small-framed Woman

Generally speaking this sounds like a relatively large implant from your brief description of your body type. However, this is far from an accurate assessment.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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High profile implants on a small frame

High profile implants were developed to accomodate more volume for narrow framed individuals.  As for the final volume, it owuld be diffficult to assess what is good for you without formally examning you.

Steven Wallach, MD
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You may need to get smaller imlpants

As you stated you have a small frame and your breast tissue is limited. Without pictures , I would suggest that you get more one consultation with board certified plastic surgeons. I would also recommend that you try 3D imaging. This a new tool that lets your surgeon to get a 3 dimensional picture of your breast and then show you how your breast will look with different shape and size implants. You can check my web site www.khoobehi.com for a demo.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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High profile saline implants for a small-framed woman

It is very difficult to advise you about type of implant and size without photos. My guess is that 400 cc's is slightly big for a "small framed" woman. I personally like using HP implants. Incision is a personal choice.


Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Size Tough On Smaller Framed Women

With regards to implant style/size, it is hard to give you an accurate idea without seeing you.  However, based on your stats, a 400cc HP implant will be pretty big.  Unless you have alot of your own breast tisue currently ( which at your size I would be suprised), then you are going to see and feel the ripples more than you probably want too, especially if it is a saline implant.  I do not think that size will make you look fat or bulky, but ithe risk of experiencing complications such as rippling, implant visibility, etc. are higher.  In general, someone your size can probably handle a 325cc moderate plus or HP and limit their potential risks down the line.  I would also steer you towards silicone if you are that small to begin with.   I would consult with a plastic surgeon to really get a good idea.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
Barrington Plastic Surgeon
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High profile breast implants

On your frame, a 400 cc HP implant would look very operated on, not the least bit natural.  Plus on your frame the saline will be very wrinkly and the size will stretch your skin and muscle very thin, somethigng that can never be repaired later.  As Dr. Aldea said, you should visit the best plastic surgeons and get their advice, I don't think you are "choosing" the best plan right now.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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400cc HP Saline Breast Implants in a 5'1"/105 lbs woman WOULD look "Done"

Respectfully, I think you are going about choosing your breast implants the wrong way. As well read as you may be on Breast Augmentation, NOTHING comes close to matching the information gained from seeing a REAL board certified Plastic Surgeon (www.PlasticSurgery.org).

While almost ANY saline breast implant can be put in any breast - it does NOT mean that doing so would result in an attractive looking breast with a long lasting result. The BEST way to pick an implant is to do so based on the amount/extent of breast tissue you have now and how much tissue you have to cover an implant. The skin's stretchiness, slope of the chest, and extent of flat chest would also need to be considered.

High Profile implants give a taller/more projected look with less volume and are used in smaller women who want more projection. But the problem with these implants is that the often result in a "done", torpedo-like look which screams "implants' from across the room.  400 cc HP in a petite woman would look artificial and done in my opinion. But, if this is the look you want then go for it.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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