Will High Profile Implants Suit Me Because I Have Wide Hips?

I was recommended 300cc-325cc hp implants. I am 5 ft 5, 135lbs with a 29 in rib cage. I don't want to look husky by going too large and too wide up top although my hips are about 40 in. Would high profile work for me?

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Wide in the hips

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If yo are fairly wide in the hips you may be better off with a wider implants to offset the hippiness.

High profile breast implants: silicone or saline

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The implant volume you are describing confuses me because silcione implants are not adjustable and come in either 300 or 325 but not 300-325. IF you are referring to saline then high profile implants tend to have a greater volume range; for example 300 to 360. In either case, a high profile implant seems a reasonable choice for your anatomy.

You dont' understand what they mean by high profile

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A high profile implant means that the manufacturer, has decreased the base diameter a little bit and give a small amount of projection. the numbers are real but are somewhat subtle. if you have wide hips and you want your implants to match, i would suggest that you go with a slightly larger implant that is NOT high profile, assuming that you do not have a very narrow chest.

Choosing THE BEST Breast Implants

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It would be great if we could reach for implants on a shelf and simply picked the ones that matched a woman's hips. Done. Or her desired cup size. Done. But, it really does NOT work this. way.

Having the experience and artistic understanding required to match a particular woman with a particular type of breast implants requires specialized training, insight and a spatial understanding. One needs to asses the natural breast and chest wall asymmetry, the stretchiness of the skin, the extent of available breast tissue and of the pectoralis major muscle, the amount of flat chest wall available to support an implant without it sliding sideways and doing battle with the forward moving arm, among others.

I would seek out a REAL Plastic surgeon (check www.PlasticSurgery.org) and see WHICH of the hundreds of implants fit YOUR chest and breasts based on THESE parameters rather than the size of your hips. That would be a much better you to base a life long choice.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

High profile implants with wide hips

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Choice of implant size to me is based on the diameter of the implant.  One can get the same diameter from low, moderate, or high profile implants.  You should try on all different typs to see how you look.  You may find that you like the low profile better!


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Excellent question!

The profile of the implant means the same volume is contained in an narrower width, so the only way the volume can go is up (more projection).  For example, a moderate profile 350cc implant can have a width of 12cm, a high profile 350cc implant will have a width of 10.5cm.  This means the high profile implant will "stick out" more than a lower profile implant.

Based on your description, if you have wide hips, it is best to find an implant which "fills" your breast width to the maximum.  Have your surgeon measure the width of your breast and based on the width and height, you can try implants with a bra and see which one you like.

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

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