Will High Profile Implants Give Me Natural-looking Breasts Or More Fake Looking? (photo)

I am 5'11.5" 157lbs. I have an athletic build and my bf is 17%. I have no idea what my ribcage is, but my current bra size is a 36C. I also have no idea what my breast measurement is either. I currently have implants: 215cc saline, moderate profile, textured, under muscle. I'm getting them replaced with 350-400cc smooth silicone under muscle. My PS is insistent on HP, I am not. I feel they are too unnatural looking and "torpedo" like. I'm scared I may not be happy with the outcome.Help/Opinions?

update 2/18/12

Pics so you wonderful PS's can see. L Breast deflated, R breast has two bumps due to implant contraction. This is why I'm getting them replaced with silicone. After several phone calls I've convinced my PS to order several smooth round Moderate profiles in different sizes no greater than 300cc. I'm a modest athletic woman who wants modest natural breasts. Thank you ALL for your wonderful answers and advice! :)

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High profile implants?

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High/moderate profile is a misnomer. It really means width. Narrower implants stand up higher at the same fill volume. Your PS will measure your chest to the millimeter and choose the right proportions for your desired result. Don't force him to do something wrong because you hate "torpedoes". He's the expert. Go with his advice.

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Dr. Foster

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Switching Implants Textured To Smooth, Saline To Silicone - What Profile Would Look More Natural?

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At almost 6' tall with a wide chest (36" bandwidth), choosing a 300 cc implant will truly give you a minimal increase in volume over the 215's that you already had (100 cc = 1/2 cup, therefore an 85 cc difference would be less than 1/2 cup).  Also, you have very low body fat, therefore when you ask for a natural breast appearance, my concern is that you might get traction rippling from a moderate plus or a moderate implant.  Both of these shapes are underfilled with relationship to the high profile.  At the same time, the high profile has a very narrow base diameter at 300 ccs. 

I personally think if you stuck with the 350-400 cc volume with high profile, you have less chance of traction rippling, and contrary to comments by other experts, I believe partially subpectoral silicone implants tear drop nicely, and therefore high profile implants shouldn't give you the torpedo look.  It appears that the distance from the top of your nipple to the inframammary fold is at least 7-1/2 cm and possibly longer, and since the base diameter of the high profile implant is smaller than the moderate or moderate plus, I believe you will have slightly more projection at the nipple, nice rounding at the bottom, less chance of traction rippling, and very little upper pole phony fullness.

Since I know I am answering this question 7 months after asked, I assume you have already had the surgery.  I would be very interested if you are happy with the results, if you got any rippling, and if the capsular contractures reoccurred. 

High profile look

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In general I agree with you: high profile implants tend to look more fake. Be careful on the silicone gel. These implants tend to harden more readily than the saline-filled models. Choosing silicone gel is choosing the need for more surveillance over time. Make sure you are OK with that.


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John Di Saia MD



John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

"natural" looking breasts

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With the start of Baywatch, our society started to believe that a more high profile look was more natural.  Really natural breasts do not have lots of roundness in the top half of the breast.  But the public is asking more and more for the high profile look.  In my opinion, the most "natural" looking breast is one that has a slope up top in the upper pole of the breast, and this is more the look of the lowest profile implants (but they are named the moderate profile style).  A push up bra look is more the moderate plus style.  And more and more of the public are asking for these implants because they feel that some roundness in the upper pole is what they want.  The "Pam Anderson" look is the high profile look.   This is just my opinion after practicing for 25 years and having breast implants a major part of my practice.  It sounds to me that you are looking for the lowest profile look which is the "moderate profile" style.  Good luck.

Dan Mills, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Breast width is the most important in determining implant profile.

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The most important factor in determining the profile of your implant is your breast width. Your implant should be 1 cm less wide than your breast width. High profile implants don't always have a fake look, specially when following the breast width recommendation. 

Breast Implant Profile

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Without seeing pictures or evaluating you in person, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  In general, I prefer the moderate profile or moderate profile plus implants placed under the muscle.  However, every patient needs to be approached as an individual and the surgery tailored to their specific anatomy to achieve the best and most natural looking results.


Good Luck.

Low profile implants in a subfascial plane for the best natural tear-drop shaped appearance

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I would strongly recommend low profile implants in your case.  My preference it to place low profile cohesive gel implants subfascially.  In subfascial augmentation particularly the 'cold-subfascial augmentation' that I perform a low profile implant can be supported and shaped into a natural 'tear-drop' shape that has excellent projection at the nipple and slopes slowly back to the chest wall.  Submuscular placement usually leads to widely separated implants that have more of a shelf like appearance at the top.  High profile implants only amplify this effect.  I hope this helps!


All the best,


Rian A. Maercks M.D.

Muscle compression limits projection

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In my experience there is very little difference between high profile and normal profile implants when placed submusclarly.  The compression by the muscles are more likely to determine the final appearance then a manufactured shape.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Will High Profile Implants Give Me Natural-looking Breasts Or More Fake Looking?

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I find the HP implants to be a bit more "fakey" looking in most women...and from your pics I see no need to go to HP. But remember, as how you have 215cc saline now (which I think equals about a 245cc silicone), going to 300cc silicone would be a very mild increase in size, probably only a half cup size..If that is your goal, a mod profile 300cc should get you close...best guess!

High profile

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The higher the profile, the more the rounded non natural look.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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