3 months post septoplasty/turbinate reductionand nose throbbing/pulling sensation while laying down; still healing?

I had my surgery in July. 3 days after the surgery the one of the splints fell out. When I lay on either side to go to sleep I have a very uncomfortable throbbing sensation in my nose it almost feels like someone is pulling it and the right side closes off. I mentioned this twice to my surgeon but he brushed it off and made me feel like I was being silly. Is this still part of the healing process? Do I need a second opinion? It's very uncomfortable and affects my sleep.

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Needs more time

Your symptoms are likely simply related to persistent healing issues.  Not always is the healing complete in a few months.  Sometimes symptoms such as discomfort, throbbing, pressure, etc is simply due to persistent healing.  Some patients will have symptoms for a few days or weeks, however, some will have symptoms for months.  The pulling should resolve in a few more weeks. 

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