Is my face permanently damaged after a higher frequency used for fair skin (I'm half black)? (photos)

Ive had laser hair removal from a highly regarded shop for 8 months now. One session a month. Im half white/half black. Originally they used the laser they use for darker skin,but the past two times they decided to use the one for lighter skin because im fare. I always get slight reactions,but this time I asked for higher frequency and I have red bumps/redness, some look like whiteheads everywhere. Someone told me because Im half black I could of damaged my skin. Will this go away? So worried.

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Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation can follow this type of inflammation after laser hair removal

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You may get a better response in terms of the amount of hair that goes away, but in your skin type, one is concerned about brown spots appearing as the inflammation goes away.  In my practice, we often pre- and post-treat patients with your skin type with medicated products to prevent such side effects.  I highly recommend that you and all patients have treatments in a doctor's office so that their treatment can be supervised appropriately and medications prescribed or provided as needed.  Perhaps you can consult a dermatologist soon?

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