High Creatine in Kidney and Also a Duplex Kidney. Candidate For Breast Enlargement?

my daughter is 19 and is thinking of a breast enlargement she has high level of creatine in her blood test and also has a duplex kidney do you think she will be okay to undergo surgery they are going to use twighlight procedure

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Breast augmentation with Renal Insufficiency?

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Thank you for the question.

The medical  “problems” you have listed are not absolute contraindications to breast augmentation surgery. Your daughter should be medically cleared however by her nephrologists prior to undergoing surgery. Electrolytes should be checked shortly before surgery and the anesthesiologist  should be aware of the renal insufficiency and laboratory results.

I hope this helps.

Candidate for breast augmentation?

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Thanks for your question.  Although breast augmentation is usually short surgery (45min-1hour), we want our patients to be medically optimized.  Please check with your daughter's nephrologist.  Explain to the nephrologist the nature of surgery, operative time, and anesthesia type.  Only she/he who knows your daughter's condition will be able to give you the proper recommendation.

Breast Augmentation with other Medical Problems.

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Dear Blonde123 in Romford, Essex:

Whenever having elective surgery it is important to be certain that it is safe to proceed. When there is a pre-existing medical problem, you want to be certain that the problem is optimally controlled and to ask the treating physician to consult.

Your daughter should see her nephrologist prior to surgery. Discuss what is planned, the type of anesthesia, perioperative medications and any precautions required. I find that getting this input before surgery is very helpful.

Joseph Mele, MD
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon
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Question from RealSelf.com regarding augmentation in teen with Renal failure

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This would depend on the severity of her renal disease, but it is likely that she could undergo the procedure without difficulty.  I would recommend that she check with her nephrologist and discuss the potential risks in detail with him/her.  The anesthesiologist should, of course, also be apprised of the situation.  Best wishes.

Cosmetic surgery in a teenager with renal failure

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Surgical recovery can be complicated by metabolic disease.  If your daughter is cleared for surgery by her nephrologist I see no reason why she cannot have a limited-scope cosmetic procedure like breast augmentation.

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