Highest Body Temperature During Accent XL Procedure?

How high does the body temperature get during Accent XL procedure? I heared that they can get your body temperature up to 60 degrees celcius. Is this not too high? are you not going to cook your organs at this point?

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Accent XL,Cookin' Your Kishkas?

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Hi Msfitt40,

At 60 degrees Celcius, you right, you're going to cook your organs. Accent XL gets the external skin temperature to a target temperature between 40-44 degrees Celcius. At that temperature new collagen is made and skin is tightened without cooking the kishkas (an old word for your organs).

Be well and a healthy 2010.

Dr. P

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Accent treatment does not raise body temperature

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It sounds like you have been misinformed or misinterpreted what you read.

All energy-based devices that tighten skin without surgery (this would include for example Thermage in addition to Accent and other lasers) work by causing a temperature increase only in the skin and immediately under it. It is focused on a very small area and not enough to raise the overall body temperature or penetrate deeply.

The heat is instantaneous and dissipates quickly. There is a minimum temperature required to affect the collagen, which is needed for the result, and the peak would be as high as 60 dgrees C but only for a fraction of a second at any one point.

These things would never get FDA clearance if there was a risk of organ injury or significant body temperature increase.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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