High Arched Brow After Botox in Glabella and Forehead?

I had botox in my glabellar and forehead regions approximately one week ago and now I have one brow that arches significantly higher than the other when I raise them. It looks like I have more movement in that side of my forehead as well. Can they fix this? Where would they inject to fix this?

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High arched brow after BOTOX

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This can easily be fixed with a few units of BOTOX to the outer part of your forehead muscle (frontalis). Please ask your doctor for a touch up.

Botox and "Spocking"

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After injecting Botox in the forehead, having one or both eyebrows arching higher or "Spocking" (i.e. Mr. Spock in "Star Trek") can occur. This can easily be corrected with a small (1 or 2 untis) amount of Botox injected in the forehead on the over-arched side. You should see your doctor about this and he or she will likely correct this on the spot. They can also plan for a prophylactic "anti-Spock" forehead injection at your next Botox treatment in 4 months.

Arie Benchetrit, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

High Arched Brow After Botox in Glabella and Forehead?

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 Yes, the situation can be fixed but the cause is to high of a Botox dose to the Glabella, allowing the lateral segments of the eyebrows to raise.  This situation is treated by placing some Botox in the area of the elevated eyebrows allowing them to relax.  

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High arched brow after Botox in glabella and forehead?

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A touch up can help improve the issue you describe. I would recommend visiting your provider and discussing the situation with him or her. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox and arched brow

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Yes, this can be fixed! Return to your provider for further and best assessment, but a small amount of Botox placed where your still active in the forehead, can bring your arched brow down nicely.

Arched Eyebrow After Botox

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Hi Marie,

Frown lines are caused by muscles (corrugators) pulling the eyebrows down and together. When these muscles are inactivated with Botox, the eyebrows move in the opposite direction producing a desirable eyebrow lift.

Sometimes one or both eyebrows will arch (peak, spike, Dr. Spock) too high. A small dose Botox "touch-up" injection in the forehead area above the arch will take care of this.However, too much Botox injected too low may produce an eyebrow droop.

Thanks for your question and good luck!

Stephen M. Lazarus, MD
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

High arched brow and Botox

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This required a touch up with Botox and you will surely have a good outcome. I would return to the provider who did the injection. Expect to pay for the additional Botox product.

Look like Spock after botox?

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This problem is fast and easy to treat with a tiny touch up of product. Just go to your doctor and they will fix it-no worries

Arching brow after Botox

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Sometimes certain aspects of the brow are treated in such a way as to only allowing the tail of the brow to elevate. This can be treated with Botox over the tail.

"Spock" brow after botox

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Having one or both eyebrows become over-arched (Spock Brow) after botox injections is one of the most common unwanted results. The great news, is that it is easy to fix. Placing 1-3 units of botox in the upper aspect of the forehead on the affected side will allow the brow to relax.

You don't want to place it too close to the brow - or you can end up with a I droopy brow (not as easy to fix).

I try to tell my patients to give it 1 to 2 weeks, and if they have an over-arched brow, I want them to come back in. No one wants to walk around looking too inquisitive. I do the botox touch-up at no charge.



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