How Can I Hide That I've Had Surgery After Browlift?

Hi. If I was to get a coronal-type browlift, how hard would it be for me to hide that fact, including stitches, postop? I know I'd have a headdress kind of thing overnight, but I have long hair and bangs, so after the dressing was removed, could I pull the hair forward to avoid people staring at stitches? How bad am I going to look? Doctors I've consulted have so far emphasized swelling more than bruising. Thanks.

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No one needs to know you had Brow Lift Surgery but you

Most can hide Coronal Browlift scars with out difficulty. Wearing a hat or wearing your bangs down if the incision is at the hairline or creative hairstyle or hat if incisions are in the scalp should do it. Some large sunglasses if you have swelling or bruising around the eyes along with camouflage make-up works for most patients. 

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Hiding Effects of Surgery after Brow Lift

It is not difficult to hide the early effects after having a coronal brow lift even if it is performed at the hairline.  The swelling following the procedure is usually maximal at two days postop and then improves very rapidly.  If there is bruising it is usually in the upper eyelids and is easily concealed with sunglasses.  The suture lines are either at the hairline or within the hair, which is one of the advantages of the procedure in that the sutures and scars are not visible.  The suture line would be easily concealed with a loose hat. 

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Disguise after browlift

All approaches to the browlift operation can result in easily coverable suture lines. Headgear or hairstyles almost always work for this purpose. Your bangs should would well for this and there is no need to cut hair at the hairline with any of the known approaches. Bruising and swelling which often occurs around the eyes is best disguised with sunglasses and /or coverup makeup. Your concerns should be more directed towards a good long term result rather than disguising early sequelae of an operation.

I am again a bit surprised to see yet another question about coronal brow lifts. Be sure your surgeon is not using a technique that can raise an already high hairline and one that removes a significant strip of your good scalp hair. If your hair thins out later in life , as happens with many women, you may have some regrets.  

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How Can I Hide That I've Had Surgery After Browlift?

It sounds like you have the perfect hairstyle to hide the telltale signs of your browlift after surgery. There is occasionally a little bruising to the sides of the eyes, but it is generally minor and can be covered with makeup. We never shave the hair.

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Coronal or endoscopic #browlift incisions are easily camouflaged

Coronal or endoscopic #browlift incisions are easily camouflaged. This incision is back in your hairline and no hair is removed at the time of surgery. Therefore, your incision can be covered after the bandage comes off with your hair. A tricophytic (or hairline) incision is harder to camouflage immediately after surgery since it's at the hairline. Bangs definitely help in this area but a small amount of hair is usually shaved at the hairline which can make the incision harder to camouflage with this approach. You will have swelling for a couple of weeks. Bruising, if it does occur, can last 10-14 days. In most cases, swelling is more of an issue than the incision itself since that is well hidden by your locks.

Thank you for your question.

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Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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An easy surgery to camoflage


It is true, there is some slight swelling to the forehead after a browlift.  Typically, there is very little bruising.   As far as hiding the incision, it depends on your hairstyle and the thickness of your hair that will determine how easily the suture line can be hidden.  You may want to wear a scarf over that area to disguise the surgical site. 


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