Scalp Reduction Surgery. (photo)

This is the result of surgery after a car accident. I have no feeling, nerves, hair follicles, etc. in this area. Area is approx. 6.5" x 1-3.5". I am 66 and my natural hair is thinning more and more, would you recommend this surgery? Also, would I be a candidate for surgery at any medical education institute that you are aware of? I assume it is quite expensive. Thank you in advance for your opinion and comments. Sincerely.

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Large scalp hair fefect

I assume the defect is 13.5 cm wide. Tissue expansion of the scalp, probably requing 2 expanders, could give complete closure of the defect. It would take 2 operations separated by 6-12 weeks. It would thin your hair further (since the scalp is being stretched)  but could look quite natural.  Out of pocket costs in a private clinic (such as mine) would be about $15,000. Check with the plastic surgery or head and neck surgery departments of local teaching hospitals if your insurance can cover this type of work. Perhaps Duke or UNC may be contacted. 

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Scalp scar reduction with hair transplant

Your scar is a rather large area, you may want to consult with a hair transplant specialist to reduce the overall scalp area in addition to a hair transplant. Removal of the balding area is called scalp reduction and of course it may not be used today as much, your particular case might be a good indication for it.  You can also have the areas filled with hair transplant. The other option for you could be serial excision of the bald/scarred area.

Parsa Mohebi, MD
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Remember, perfect is the enemy of good

With a scar like that I imagine your injuries may have been life threatening, so considering the possible outcomes you look very good.  You will likely always have a large scar there, but there are certainly steps that can be taken to make it less noticeable.  Step one, keep the hair you have.  Discuss changes that you can make including the possible addition of medications to stop your active hair loss with your primary care provider.  Once you have done everything possible to stabilize your current hair you should see a surgeon to discuss a scar revision.  You will need your medical records so it can be determined if there was any damage to the underlying bone.  A removing some of the scar may be possible, but it is likely that it can not all be removed at once.  Serial excision, or removing it a little at time, or tissue expanders are options, but these require multiple surgeries.  I think there is a good chance that after part of the scar is removed it will be small enough that you won't notice it as much. Removing all of the scar may also make your forehead appear higher.  You can also consider hair transplants, but if the hairless area is too scarred or thin the hairs may not survive the transplant. Your surgeon will be able to help with these decisions.  Good luck on your road to recovery.  Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
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Scalp reductionos

I have had a personal campaign to make scalp reduction surgery a malpractice issue because these surgeries rarely help. I am a personal victim of three of these in the days when every doctor was doing it, to I campaigned successfully to prevent doctors from doing these surgeries. Hair transplants are a reasonable way to approach this.

William Rassman, MD
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