Hi, Can Anyone Tell Me What the Effects of Fraxel Are After a Year or So?

I am considering Fraxel treatment to treat acne scarring, I am busy doing research and there is some neagative reviews on post treatment after a year, there are complaints of thinning skin and the scars looking worse.

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Fraxel improves skin quality

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Fraxel doesn't have long term bad side effects.  There are different types of Fraxel.  You are probably considering Fraxel Repair.  Other types are Restore and Refine.  I too have read the posts where people claim their skin has been ruined by Fraxel treatments.  I have extensive experience with the , and have had it myself, and have NEVER seen this.  If some one had a severe burn from improper treatment or post-treatment infection, they could could have long-term problems. That would be very rare.

THere isn't a perfect treatment for acne scars yet, but Fraxel can be a very useful tool to help you look better. 

San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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In my hands a combination of extensive subcision and Fraxel Repair Laser works the very best form most acne scars.

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In my hands, rolling, pitted and box type scars respond best to a combination treatment.  Some Scars may need to be excised.  These include some large pits, hypertrophic, hypopigmented and box type scars.  It is possible to do the excisions, Fraxel Repair Laser and subcision on the same day.    Extensive subcision and Fraxel Repair Laser alone works extremely well on many of the contoured or rolling scars.   None of the lasers alone are not terribly effective in treating most acne scars, especially those with deep pits and depressed scars. 

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel Laser for acne scarring

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A board-certified dermatologist should examine your skin to determine the type of acne scarring that you have. Some acne scarring will respond very well to a fractionated laser such as a Fraxel laser, and other types of acne scars will not respond. A board-certified dermatologist can explain the different types of acne scars and help guide you to the correct treatment. I feel that it is best to get at least two opinions from two dermatologists. Also, before you have any scar therapy, it is important that your dermatologist assess the activity of your acne. If you acne is still active, it should be treated before any scar therapy is initiated. It is my belief that a patient with acne scarring have time to take the information home and think about it. Don't rush in to treatment. Get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction. 

Christine Glavey, MD (retired)
Alpharetta Dermatologic Surgeon

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