Should I trust my original surgeon with a breast lift revision?

6 weeks ago I had a breast lift with implants. One breast is bigger and lower than the other one, there is a wrinkle in between them. Now I see a darker skin as part of my lower breast, when asked he said is from my areola. The results are pretty bad and the only thing I get from my surgeon is, I think you look good and I give myself an A, but if you are not happy i will do a revision. I feel his lack of honesty by saying the results are good, makes me wonder if I should let him try to fix it.

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Get a second opinion

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If you don't trust your surgeon then I would say "no". Why not get a second opinion? It might cost you the consultation fee but I think it would be worth the peace of mind. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Give it more time to heal and just be honest

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If your honesty doesn't get you the empathy and reaction you feel is important to trust your plastic surgeon, my suggestion is to seek another one and get a second opinion.  Either way, wait several months before making any decisions.

Revision post aug

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It is hard to evaluate but there were reason's you went to him in the first place and if you feel confident in his skills then I would go back and talk to him and see what he would plan.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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#TrustYourSurgeon Is Essential

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It is extremely important to have trust in your surgeon for the optimal patient physician relationship and before you have another procedure. If not there I suggest you seek another surgeon. The most critical decision to be made in achieving the best plastic surgical result is picking the most experienced and talented, that is the best, plastic surgeon possible. Too often, patients choose a physician based on a catchy ad, the brand name of a technique, the basis of one or two before and after photos, or their web site’s search engine ranking. These criteria will not find the most experienced and talented plastic surgeon. Seek the below link for advice on how to restore your trust. 

Surgeon trust

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If you have lost faith in your surgeon, then it might be a good idea to seek a second opinion. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Should I trust my original surgeon with a breast lift revision?

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Sorry for your unhappiness. But without even posting photos very hard to advise.... Best to seek only in person opinions from boarded PSs in Miami, There are over 60+ of us. And understand revision surgery is much more costly... Good Luck. 

Should I trust my original surgeon with a breast lift revision?

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I am sorry to hear about your disappointment.  Unfortunately, the combination breast augmentation/lifting surgery is associated with a higher degree of patient dissatisfaction and need for revisionary surgery.  Although you provide a good description, nothing will replace in-person evaluation or viewing photographs  when it comes to helping you with an accurate assessment.

Given that you are only six weeks out of surgery, I would suggest ongoing time and patience before evaluating the outcome of the procedure performed. Then, if still in doubt regarding your plastic surgeon's ability, consider posting photographs and/or seeking second opinion in-person consultations.   Otherwise, there is no way to obtain accurate/objective assessment/recommendations. Best wishes.


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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information. I suggest you to be patient with the healing process.. You should review how you feel with your actual Surgeon.. If you're not comfortable, you can get another consultation to see more options

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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