Severely depressed after augmentation (misunderstanding, too big, dubble bubble) (Photo)

Since the day after my breast augmentation, I had already feared there had been a miscommunication between the doctor and I. I simply wanted something fuller to perk up the ptosis that I already had. The doctor told me anything less than 350 would not do and though, I pleaded he not make me too big, I woke up with what appears to be a double bubble in my left breast and breasts that just do not suit my small frame. What are the expenses of revision and how long must I wait? Who pays?

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I have a double bubble shape to my breasts

Thanks for the question.  I don't know what discussions you may have had with your doctor, but as I look at your photos I would say that your areolar are larger and may be reduced, and your implants are too large for your frame.  I would reduce both the areolar as well as the size of the implants, possibly shifting to the idea of a tear drop form stable implant bilaterally.  The double shadow is because the implants fall lower than the fold of your breast, thus giving  a double shadow.
I would discuss this fully with your Plastic Surgeon.  Revision is possible, but  some different concepts in breast surgery may be necessary.
Good luck to you.
Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Severely depressed after augmentation (misunderstanding, too big, dubble bubble) (Photo)

Sorry for your unhappiness. But your wish pics were UNREALISTIC fr your breasts. You are wide set and minor tuberous. I would have told you you might need 2 operations to achieve symmetry.. Now revision is needed after 3 months healing again sorry.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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