Could I get porcelain done on my first 4 or 6 teeth in missing my lateral incisors? (photos)

Please help me I really want to know what I should do and how much it would cost more or less , thank you

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Veneers , crowns, but first you need braces.

doing veneers or crowns before going through braces, would be complete error of your self, you have a cross bite, and if you do not correct this before you do anything to those centrals , you will regret it sooner or later, 1 year with braces, to correct the bite, open spaces, and change the way the teeth layout, that will be your best solution, you will love your smile, and you will have great solution, then a the end you can decide if veneers or crowns based on the angulation of the existing teeth , that will be team work with your doctor.but yes, you have a solution.

Porcelain veneers to correct missing laterals and crossbite.

A significant number of people are born with one or more missing teeth known as hypodontia. Among them one or both lateral incisors are commonly missing. To correct this deficiency which can often cause occlusal (bite) problems as well as aesthetic issues, porcelain laminate veneers are a great restorative option. In your case, an optimal result might require veneers on your premolars, canines and central incisors (8 teeth) to correct the crossbite and aesthetic disproportion of these teeth. You should seek a consultation with a skilled cosmetic restorative dentist to review your needs and cost.

Gerry Curatola, DDS
Manhattan Dentist
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Best Way to Resolve Missing Lateral Incisors

There is no single answer to your problem. I can tell you what I would recommend but you will get another half-dozen opinions depending on: your budget and your level of patience and commitment. To resolve your problem the very best way would require that you expand your upper dental arch to eliminate your posterior crossbite and create space for your missing lateral incisors. After expanding your dental arch you would straighten your teeth with conventional braces or clear aligners and then you would place implants in the position of your missing lateral incisors. 

Alternatives would be: porcelain veneers to fill in gaps and make your canines look like lateral incisors and your first bicuspids look like canines. This option would be less expensive and faster but has many significant compromises. 

Another alternative would be arch development (expansion of the dental arches) to create space for the missing lateral incisors and instead of placing implants to replace the missing incisors use Maryland bridges or conventional bridges. It might save a little money; but again, there are some serious compromises. 

Good luck! Yours is a pretty common problem that has no easy solution but it is critical that you make the best choice for your given situation.

Brad Lockhart, DDS
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