What kind of surgery would I need to correct my hooded eyelids? (photos)

I've always had hooded eyelids, my dad also has them. I'm 20 and I hate my face so much because of the hooded eyelids, I look old, mad, extremely ugly, and I feel awful about my looks. Also, I can sometimes see my excess eyelid skin when I look up. What would you recommend? What should I do?

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If you really want, the best answer is a very conservative upper blepharoplasty to remove the hooding
A brow lift which could also help solve the problem is much to aggressive a procedure for your age group and will drift down quicker that the results from an upper blepharoplasty will. Age is not a factor, only whether there is a real need for the surgery. There will always be a slight thin scar visible but that is the trade off to change the appearance of the lateral hooding. I do this in my office Operating room with simple and safe local anesthesia in thirty minutes.

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Upper blepharoplastyf or hooded upper lids

 The goal of an upper blepharoplasty is to remove excess hooded skin, so that there is more eyelid show. In some cases later in life, it is done for medical necessity to improve vision. The incision  placement is located directly in the eyelid crease and excess skin and fat can be conservatively removed

William Portuese, MD
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What kind of surgery would I need to correct my hooded eyelids?

Hello!  Thank you for your question!  It is difficult to give recommendations based on photos also be. However, it appears that an upper blepharoplasty as wekas possible temporal or endoscopic brow lift would meet your goals. These procedures would excise the excess skin, thus opening up the periorbital area along with raising your brow to a more aesthetically-pleasing position, which would ameliorate the hooding as well. Best wishes!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Eyebrow lifting

As a start I would recommend a more conservative approach. A combination of Botox in the eyebrow depressors and fillers in the temple area (to reverse the hollowness) will lift the eyebrows by 1-2 mm.  Surgery can be considered at a later stage if you are not happy with the outcomes of the non surgical management. 

Costas Papageorgiou, MD, FACS
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What kind of surgery would I need to correct my hooded eyelids?

Based upon the 'limited' posted photos my FIRST guess would be an upper lid blepharoplasty. But you may need browlifting. Best to seek only in person opinions vs over the internet guesses. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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What kind of surgery would I need to correct my hooded eyelids?

It looks like your brows are very heavy and are preventing your eyelids from opening up creating a mechanical ptosis. It is best to be assessed by an eyelid specialist to see if you need a brow procedure more than an eyelid procedure

Naveen Somia, MBBS, PhD, FRACS
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Hooded eyelids

Fullness above the eyelashes can be caused from  more than just excess skin. Some people have extra or protruding fat pads, a low brow bone, deep set eyes, and even a droopy forehead/brow. Your brow position appears to be perfect in the photos provided, and at age 20, the tone and texture of the skin of the forehead should be excellent as well. A pinch of excess skin with possibly a conservative fat removal above the eye should get you the fresh open-eyes that take the angry look away.

John Standefer MD

John A. Standefer Jr., MD, FACS
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Improvement of Hooded Eyelids

There is no doubt that your hooded upper eyelids could be improved with a blepharoplasty, consisting of removal of excess skin and fat.  This will expose more of your upper eyelid skin below the overhanging fold.  However, be sure to ask your surgeon to evaluate you for a condition called eyelid ptosis that manifests as the entire eyelid covering too much of the iris, even down to the pupil.  This condition can add to a tired, less vibrant appearance, and requires correction separate from the standard cosmetic eyelid lift.  Brow lifting can also lift up the upper eyelid fold, thus revealing more of the lid skin, is generally not indicated in such a young person.  But if after a thorough examination, your plastic surgeon felt that a brow lift would be helpful, then be sure to discuss and view in a mirror or computer screen just what height and shape of the brows you find attractive.

Richard G. Schwartz, MD
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