I have two completely different breasts. Can I fix this with a breast augmentation?

My left breast is significantly larger than my right breast. The areola on the left nipple is about the size of a quarter and a half while the size of the areola on the right is the size of a penny. Can I fix this with breast augmentation ? I just want them both even. I wear a bra size B cup. However the right boob is too small and doesn't fit right in these bras or in any bras I wear. It's always lopsided

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Breast Augmentation Symmetry

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It is recommended to schedule a personal consultation with a board-certified surgeon to discuss your goals for correcting symmetry. With any area of the body, there is never perfect symmetry, but surgery can help alleviate these differences. During your consultation, discuss your needs and lifestyle, which can determine if a breast lift or augmentation will help reposition the breasts for a more symmetrical appearance.

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Breast augmentation can be an effective treatment for asymmetry.

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Any patient that starts off with asymmetry will have it postoperatively. 100%. That said, improvements can be made. The lopsidedness you describe can be corrected either with breast augmentation to the right breast only, or by using different-sized breast implants to evenly increase the volume of both breasts and create symmetry. If you would like your areolas to be closer in size, you may want to talk with your plastic surgeon about surgery to reduce the size of your larger areola. Breast augmentation alone won’t change the size of your areolas. Schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can examine your natural breast anatomy and make a recommendation based on your breasts and goals for breast augmentation.

Ricardo A. Meade, MD
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Breast augmentation can address breast asymmetry.

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Breast augmentation can absolutely improve asymmetry in the size of your breasts, and there are ways to create more symmetry in the appearance of your nipples as well. First, understand that all breasts, even breasts that have been augmented, have some degree of asymmetry, and achieving perfectly identical breasts is impossible. Make sure you have realistic expectations before surgery. Improvement should be your goal, not perfection. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns. Different sized implants can be used in each breast to achieve more symmetry, and one or both nipples can be surgically altered to create more uniformity.

Lee B. Daniel, MD
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Fixing Breast Asymmetry

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Although breast asymmetry is fairly common among women, significant breast asymmetry can be particularly distressing for women suffering from this condition. Depending upon the specifics,one or both breasts may be augmented asymmetrically, one or both breasts may benefit from a lift, one breast may need to be reduced, and the nipple areolar complex may need to be reduced. Each case is unique as is the level of concern between patients. A detailed consultation with an experienced surgeon will help to define the important issues and hopefully lead to a surgical plan that will restore as much symmetry as possible.  Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

I have two completely different breasts. Can I fix this with a breast augmentation?

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No photos....impossible to give you an accurate assessment. Asymmetry in the hum,an breast is the rule rather than the exception. Post photos and I'll be happy to render an opinion. Good luck. Dr. PG

I have two completely different breasts. Can I fix this with a breast augmentation?

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Based upon your written uno without even one posted photo my guess is NO yu need a lift also. Best to seek in person opinions. 

Asymmetrical breasts

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Without seeing photos or examining you in person, generally speaking, breast augmentation alone can only help correct volume asymmetry. It will not make your areola size more symmetrical. I would advise that you meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this type of surgery to discuss the best options for your case. Good luck!

Dustin L. Reid, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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How to Balance 2 Completely Different Breasts

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Since you didn't post photos of your specific condition, I can only offer general information.  If the difference between your two breast is mainly one of size, and you are satisfied with the larger breast, then adding an implant to the smaller one may create good symmetry.  Implants come in different sizes and widths/projection, so there is a good chance that you could have an implant to balance the dimensions and size of your other breast.  If there is a difference in size of the areolae or even height of the nipple/areolar complex, then you might need a reduction of the larger areola, and/or a lift of the lower nipple/areolar complex.  Occasionally, someone has a variation of the tuberous breast syndrome, in which the breast tissue is concentrated in a narrow cylindrical shape behind the nipple.  In such a condition, the surgeon can use a technique to spread out the breast tissue to make the breast look wider and more evenly rounded.  So there a many possibilities, but it all depends on your pre-existing anatomical condition.

Richard G. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Asymmetry

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Thank you for your question. It's very difficult to give recommendations without photos or an in person consultation. That said, asymmetry can be addressed in a few ways. Different sized implants can get your breasts closer to the same size. If you are concerned about nipple size as well, you might consider a lateral lift or reduction on one side along with implants. You will need to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon for precise recommendations. Breast of luck!

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Asymmetries

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The best way to tell whether you would be a good candidate for a breast augmentation is to be assessed in person. I’ve treated many patients with similar concerns who have in fact noticed a significant improvement in the overall shape of their breasts after undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

With that being said, asymmetries of the breasts occur in almost every woman. Remember, a woman’s breasts are sisters, not twins. However, if this asymmetry is something you want to improve through breast augmentation surgery, I recommend scheduling an in-person consultation with a highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon to further discuss the goals you’d like to achieve.

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