Have a hard lump under left eye after lower bleph? (Photo)

I had lower bleph on 8/30/2016. I know it's only been 10 days but, it's getting bigger and harder . I went for my week follow up and she said it will go down and scheduled me for another appt in two weeks. But is driving me crazy

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Lump under left eye after bleph

The type of procedure performed and an in person exam with your doctor will best determine the cause of the bump and any treatment options moving forward.  In the meantime, apply warm compresses as directed by your doctor.

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It appears to be a hematoma or a small collection of blood.  It may be possible for your surgoen to aspirate and help it resolve.  You can also try warm compresses but clear that with your surgeon first.  Best wishes, Dr. T

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Hard lump under the eyelid after blepharoplasty

If the bump is not tender or red, it is unlikely to be an infection. If your doctor performed fat repositioning, this lump could be some inflamed fat. It is still early in your post-operative period and things will continue to change/improve. Express your concerns to your surgeon but also trust that he/she has experience with these post-operative issues. If the bump does not end up going down, there is medication that can be injected into it on a small needle to help soften and dissolve it with time. Good luck!

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Bump under the eye following blepharoplasty

Thank you for sharing your question. The bump can be caused by a few issues. Without in person evaluation, it is difficult to determine what it is. You probably should see your doctor if it continues to grow or get a second opinion.  Good luck,

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Lump under eye

I would see the surgeon asap if it is getting larger and painful as this is probably an infection and you would need to be on oral antibiotics. It could also be a granuloma which is inflammatory tissue but you need to be seen and treated either way.

Byron A. Long, MD
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