Can someone please advise me as to what is going on here? (10 days post-op) (photos)

From the day of my surgery, my left breas appeared to be way more swollen than my right. While the swelling in my right has long subsided, the left has still been worrying me. My surgeon's assistant advised me the implant riding to the side a bit and to simply wear a tight sports bra with support and I have, but not much has changed since. My biggest concern is double bubble and ultimately having to go under the knife again. Can anyone explain to me what this phenomenon appears like to you?

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Implant issue

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At this point, you have to wait and see how they heal. It looks like you have a semblance of a double bubble.  This area might stretch out.

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Consult with your surgeon.

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Sorry to learn of your distress. It is still very early after your surgery and the apparent asymmetry you are demonstrating can be related to many factors including implant position, possible early capsular contracture, native pre-operative asymmetry, and others. It is best for you to see your plastic surgeon and if you are having difficulty doing so, become more insistent and demanding. If you still are having difficulty, you should seek a second opinion from an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck to you. 

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Can someone please advise me as to what is going on here? (10 days post-op) (photos)

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After reviewing you postings and photos, in your before photos you had tuberous deformity, asymmetry to volume and shape. Thus you were NOT a run of the mill implant surgery. You chose a surgeon whom most likely was not to experienced in your type of pre op issues. In my over the internet opinion you needed different sized implants, rigottomies to inferior poles and/or inferior muscle release, fat grafting to even out the breasts with avoidance of a double bubble. Now you have to wait at least 3 months to have asecondar revision surgery. Sorry.

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