Hey Ive always noticed that in my pictures my right eyebrow always seemed lower than my left is this a case of mild ptosis?

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Mild Ptosis - Temp. and Perm. solutions.

It is possible that this is a mild case of Ptosis. If you have congenital mild ptosis, droopy eyelid/s, Botox can help symmetry safely. However for a more permanent result, an Endoscopic Browlift might be the best result.

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Eyebrow Asymmetry

Eyebrow ptosis refers to sagging of a brow or a low position of a brow. Upon close examination, most people are not perfectly symmetrical, with regard to eyebrows, eyes, ears, corners of the mouth, etc. Such minor differences from side to side do not usually indicate a problem and if they don't bother you, then you don't need surgery to improve the balance. There could be several possible causes, such as a weaker frontalis muscle on one side of your forehead (the muscle that lifts and supports your eyebrows), or slightly looser skin above the brow. If the difference is very noticeable and bothers you, then there are several different ways to elevate the brow. Brow lifts are easily performed under local anesthesia, but don't expect absolutely perfect symmetry. There will always be a slight natural variation.

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Eye Brow Position

Many people have eyebrows that are less than perfectly symmetrical. That does not mean the eyebrows cannot still be attractive. If this doesn't bother you, no need to try to create perfectly balanced brow. If this is mild and it does bother you, you might want to consider Botox for the appearance of a mild brow lift

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