Hetter Peel in June 2012 Didn't Work?

My forehead peeled heavily, but other areas only minimally. Areas on each side of my nose & the nasal labial folds that did not peel at all. The skin on my forehead is smoother, but there is no improvement in wrinkling/texture on the rest of my face. I think the peel was strong enough for my thin-skinned forehead, but not strong enough for other thicker-skinned areas. I am 49 & fair skinned. I had this peel to get rid of upper lip wrinkles, which did not improve. I paid $2,300. Why didn't this work?

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Effectiveness of Chemical Peels

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Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, chemicals do not absorb evenly over the entire face, and some areas respond better than others.  Perhaps you need spot treatment in the areas where the absorption or effect was minimal.   Chemical peels usually take several time to maximize the effect.  I recommend a visit with the Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon to evaluate the effectiveness and options to explore. I hope this helps.

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