Worried my chin implant is too large.

I had a medium sized anatomical chin implant 9 days ago and although I very much like the shape it has created I can't help but feel it protrudes too much when I smile. To the eye it doesn't look like there is any more swelling and pain is minimal but in your experience will it shrink and get smaller over time? I am concerned I now look slightly bulky and witchy. Any advise or knowledge would be so much appreciated - I'm so exhausted thinking about it and wishing I'd gone for the small :(

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Worried chin implant is too large

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I would recommend waiting at least 6 months before deciding if you think your chin implant is too large.  Although you may feel there is minimal swelling 9 days after the surgery, the amount of augmentation tends to reduce somewhat over more time as the healing process takes place.  If you still feel that your chin is too large after that time, then you could have it switched for a smaller size.    

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