Thread lift to help with acne scarring? Or proper facelift? (Photo)

I have bad acne scarring I have tried everything and running out of options! Had 6 Fraxel lasering with dermapen & PRP injections. (May '16) The scars are still visible, but when it's slightly lifted they look so much better.. Would a Silouette thread lift be a suitable fix for now? Or get a proper face lift ; am 35 years old) I also have nasolabial folds I would like to fix, again had juvederm earlier this year (mixed with PRP) and i wasn't that impressed.. Would a thread lift help? Thanks

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Thread Lift for acne scars

Hi, thank you for your question.  Thread lift will not help with acne scars.  It would be helpful to find out what type of Fractional laser you had as well as the picture of your scars before the treatment.  As a provider that  performs Thread lifts and Fraxel treatments, along with many other treatments, if you came to my practice, I would have designed a treatment protocol with 1540 Fractional laser resurfacing + PicoSure Focus + Microneedling + PRP.  You definitely do not need a face lift at 35, you just need more aggressive laser skin resurfacing treatment with possible scar subcision. Please don't give up as you can most certainly improve your skin texture.Hope this helps and good luck. Best, Dr.Avaliani

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