I am 33 living in the Hershy, Pa area I've been losing teeth by teeth and I can't be happy again. (photo)

I have no teeth on the both side ends of my mouth with only 5 remaining. Please help,me I just want to smile

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Snapindentures or all on4 by Nobelbiocare

Yes, you can have a solution, with snap indentures, or with all on4 , of nobel biocare,this will be an amazing solution, and you will love your smile,shape size and even color can be done, and you will love the results.a smile design and an x ray evaluation needs to be done.

Losing teeth

Hello Amber and thank so much for your post and picture. When people is loosing their teeth it could have many different reasons that will be determinate by x-rays and doctor´s evaluation and most of them have a solution if treated early. What i recommended you is to go to an evaluation with a periodontist and a surgeons for implants and i know you will be confortable and happy of your smile again. If you need more information and a more specific diagnostic, contact us and we will kindly help you!.
Good Luck!
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Yocasta Caba, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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