Right breast reduction set higher than left side breast lift (Photo)

I had a breast lift on the left side and a breast reduction on the right. Post-op my left breast looks good, but, my right breast though was set higher and kind of pushed up. I was told that this is standard procedure and the right breast will settle to line up with the left breast. I'm only 5 days post-op so I know this will take time to see the full results, but I'm wondering is this really standard for this type of surgery and if so what is the typical time the breast will settle into place?

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Right breast reduction set higher than left side.

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It is true that the breast shape after reduction will round and fill at the bottom of the breast with the T pattern you appear to have. Matching a reduction with a lift places differing stresses on the skin envelop and time will tell if things sort out just right. Typically we things settle and the shape improvement over the first six months.

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Breast asymmetry

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It is a challenge to get two unlike breasts to look alike in the OR. Early over tightening of the lower pole in a breast reduction  is common and does relax over time. This should improve a lot over time. Hopefully enough to not need revision. Good luck.

Right breast reduction set higher than left side breast lift.

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Thank you for your question and your photographs.My advice is to wait 4 to 6 months prior to considering a final result.It is also important to acknowledge breast asymmetry is common.I recommend that you follow up with your plastic surgeon.I wish you the best of luck.

Breast issue

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It looks like the nipples are at different heights. While there may be many changes over the next few months, I doubt that the nipples will be at the same level.  Good luck.

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Right breast reduction set higher than left side breast lift (Photo)

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Even though very early seems there is a serious issue. Best to heal for 3 months than seek revision surgery, sorry.

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