Do I need to go through the braces process before an All-On-4 implant for upper and lower jaw?

I am over 50 years old. I am considering All-On-4 implants for both upper and lower jaws. I had 4 teeth extracted from the top jaw. I had 4 teeth extracted from the bottom jaw. My remaining teeth are cracking regularly. I may need two or more extracted soon. I will need braces of some sort at a minimum to widen the upper and lower teeth in the rear. It is slightly difficult to eat, drink, and talk regularly. Is by-passing braces a good idea if considering All-On-4 implants?

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Braces before all on 4

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You can get extractions at the same time as dental implants, just have your dentist plan before with photos to improve your bite and esthetics and no braces needed before. 

Snap in dentures or all on 4 by nobel biocare

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There are 2 ways of restoring this , the first one could be with Snapindentures,

 with 8 minimplants, upper and 8 minimplants lower,

you will have a strong support with  snapindentures,

 and you will have a great result within a couple of days,

 shape size and even color,

 you will have that smile you always wanted back with a great confort and support.


All on 4 By Nobel Biocare,

its the best way to go if what you want is a screw retained  bar,

that you do not remove ,

 also you will have a strong solution,

 extractions (if you need them) and immediate setting of implants are done at the same proceedure,

and within acouple of days, you will be able to enjoy, a great smile ,

 with strenght and confort,

that smile you always wanted, this is the moment, shape, size and even color, you will be able to change.

 But yes, you have asolution!

All on 4 implants

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All teeth should be removed to use all-on-4 implants. After teeth removal, implants are placed and restored with all-on-4 or hybrid dentures. 

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All on 4 and Braces

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you will not need braces if you choose the all on 4 for the upper and lower arches. Braces are used to align the teeth. Your teeth will be removed and replaced with implants. The arches can be widened by the all on 4. 


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All-on-4 procedure aims to replace all natural teeth, so unless you have a very severe skeletal issue, by removing all teeth the implants can usually be positioned for proper restoration with no problems. 

Braces is NOT usually done before "All-on-4"

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While it may not HURT the case, orthodontics prior to tooth removal for "All-on-4" is not usually done.  One way it COULD benefit is to create bone in an area that implants are desired to be placed, but this can take significant time.  A more common method is to place implants where desired and graft bone as needed.

Braces with all-on-4

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the idea of the all-on-4 tooth replacement treatment is the rehabilitation of an entire mouth. This means that all the teeth are missing or a too broken down to save and need removal.  As such there would be no need or feasibility for orthodontic treatment before or after such a procedure.  

Watch the video below to learn more.   

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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