I Have Herpes Can I Still Get my Breast Done? (photo)

I'm 18 perfectly healthy except i have genital herpes. Im excitedd to get them done but nervous this will interfere. Does it make a difference if im on medication and its controlled; i have no active outbreak or it doesnt matter?

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Herpes and breast augmentation

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As long as you are well controlled on medication, and you have some premedication of antivirals from your Plastic Surgeon, you should be fine having a breast augmentation.  Any stress (and surgery certainly qualifies) can cause an outbreak, that is why taking more antiviral medication could be good.  You look like you should do well with surgery.  Make sure to pick a plastic surgeon that is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and even better if he is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as this means that they have a special interest in Cosmetic surgery.

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Herpes and breast augmentation

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If there is no outbreak of your genital herpes you should be fine to have your surgery. Just make sure to tell your plastic surgeon that you take the anti-viral medication. I hope this helps.

Dr. Edwards


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I wouldn't think genital herpes would have any effect of your breast implants but the surgery may cause a flair and so you might want to consider starting anti-virals a few days before your surgery.

Makes no differnce

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Your herpes will have no effect on your breast augmentation.  The stress of the surgery can occasionally cause dormant viruses that make cold sores to arise but even an active outbreack won't prevent you from having a successful outcome form surgery.

18 year old for breast augmentation (photo)

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Herpetic issues well addressed by other responders.  Your anatomy must be specifically and skillfully managed by the operating surgeon to achieve for you the best possible result.  Your skin envelope is tight, areolae small, nipples lateralized, and wide intermammary distance. You are lean, with minimal parenchyma to camouflage prostheses.

Choose an experienced surgeon.

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Herpes and Surgery

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Having a diagnosis of herpes does not in and of itself preclude you from having a breast augmentation or any operation for that matter.  The psychological and physical stress of having surgery however, can put you at risk for a herpetic outbreak even while you are on prophylactic antiviral medication.   

Most patients with herpes do very well with surgery and don't often have a recurrence around the time of an operation. If you are contemplating surgery, it is important that you are well controlled on your medication and have no active outbreak at the time of your operation.  Active disease at surgery could put you at risk for spreading the viral lesions to other areas of the body.  Particular caution should be exercised when operating on the face with active herpes where risk of infecting the eye is possible.  

Speak with your prescribing physician about increasing your dosage around the time of surgery to help lessen and shorten the severity of any recurrence you might have.

Good luck and enjoy your augmentation.

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