Herpes Breakout on Upper Buttocks Region Where Incision Will Be Made for Brazilian Buttlift, is This Safe? (photo)

Im considering having a brazilian buttlift via fat grafting but I occasionally have herpes breakouts but only on my upper buttocks. I do take valocyclovir when I feel a breakout is coming on but im concerned because my breakout occurs on the upper buttocks near the crack where an incision is made for lipo and fat grafting and also where most doctors place the drain cord. Could this cause an infection/ problems even if im not having a breakout in that area at the time? how long should i take meds

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Herpes Outbreak and Surgery

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Hello. A herpes outbreak carries the risk of infecting the incision area. You should not proceed with any surgery until the outbreak is completely resolved. At that point you should schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to weigh all of your possible options.

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