Herniated Fat After Blepharoplasty, What Can I Do? (photo)

I had a lower bleph exactly 1 year ago - and now when I smile I still see the odd 'shadows' where the bags I had removed were. It looks like I still have bags! Are these dark circles, herniated fat, or something else? What options do I have to remove them? Pic1: Me before surgery Pic2&3: 1 year after surgery

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Recurrent Herniated Fat ??

What you are looking at is not recurrent or incompletely excised infraorbital fat but a bit of an orbicularis muscle roll. This has become more prominent because of the fat removed below, creating a shadow effect and an indentation. This can be improved by removing a small strip of orbicularis muscle but would require an incision right underneath the lashline. Whether this is worthy of that effort requires careful thought.

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