NHS Cover Tummy Tuck After Hernia and Cesarean?

I had a hernia when i was younger & i've had a cesarean and i was wondering if i met the criteria for a tummy tuck on the nhs?

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NHS and Tummy Tuck

The overwhelming number of Plastic surgeons contributing to RealSelf are American and as such we are not familiar with the intricacies much less the basics of the British NHS. If the NHS is anything like our version of care Medicare (care for those of 65 and the disabled), Medicaid (care for the indigent) and the soon to destroy both Obamacare(substandard care to all) - NO cosmetic surgery would be paid for. Since all these systems are stressed and creaking under the burden of having to cut benefits to give a semblance that care is provided, several services will not be provided - mental health services will be cut and prolonged assistance for chronic disease will be cut. There is NO WAY that with all the shortages anyone would suggest paying for Cosmetic Surgery (intended to improve appearance) over other much more pressing services.

From everything I have read about the NHS and watch the House of Commons debates here in the US it is obvious the NHS needs to improve many other sectors before it is overcome with misguided largess and begins funding Cosmetic Surgery.

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