I Have a Hernia & Need Surgery, but I'm SO Scared I Will Get a Seroma, What Would Be the Best Surgery to Avoid That?

laparoscopicly or or regular surgery w/an incision(i mean which one would be least likely of getting a seroma)?? I already have an insicion from emergency surgery last yr, so my surgeon will cut the old one, but again im so scared of getting a seroma & need to know what measures & surg. i can take to absolutely avoid that??!!!! Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

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Other types of complications would likely be more common...

I would suggest discussing in detail the common (and rare) complications of the hernia repair that you are going to have.  I would suspect that there would likely be many more things that would happen more commonly than seromas.  There are many different types of hernias and many different procedures performed to fix them.  Some hernias require mesh, some do not.  Some are down with minimal incisions, some with large incisions.  Some hernias are big, some are small.  

General surgeons perform more of these repairs than plastic surgeons do so I would find a board certified general surgeon in your area and discuss all of your options, alternatives, and risks.  

Good luck!

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I Have a Hernia & Need Surgery, but I'm SO Scared I Will Get a Seroma

Seromas are usually encountered by plastic surgeons after "lift" operations (face lift, breast lift or reduction, tummy tuck) where the skin and adjacent fat are separated from the underlying muscle, leaving a large empty space that will secrete serum which, if not removed, can cause seroma.

A hernia operation, whether open or laparoscopic requires no such lifting of the skin, and really doesn't leave a big open space where fluid is created and might need to be drained, so seroma formation is much less likely.

You should ask your surgeon to review the relative benefits and risks of open vs. laparoscopic hernia repair.

Thanks and best wishes.

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