How Will Hernia Repairs (Ventral/umbilical) Affect my Recovery After TT and Breast Lift? How Can I Prevent Hernia Recurrence?

In January I will have a full TT with lipo to flanks and muscle repair (1-2” diastasis), and a breast lift. I’ll also have two hernias repaired: ventral and umbilical. My question: How will the hernia repairs affect my recovery in terms of mobility and future exercise? I’m an avid exerciser (runner/pilates/yoga) and worry the hernias will recur. Is there a way to make sure the hernia repair “takes”? I am 40, in good physical health, 5’ 7”, and 150 lbs. This will be my first surgery.

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Hernia repair and recovery from TT

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Thank you for your question. Hernia repair will likely not affect the overall recovery from a tummy tuck. It can add some added discomfort depending on how involved the hernia repairs are. Either way, the recovery period is likely to be 6-8 weeks.

Maintaining a healthy weight and not over-exerting with weight lifting will decrease the likelihood of hernia recurrence.

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Hernia repair should not significantly alter recovery from Tummy Tuck

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Hi there-

Unless extensive manipulation of your bowels is necessary in order to repair your hernias, having the repairs done at the time of your aesthetic surgery should not significantly alter your pain or recovery after abdominoplasty.

Follow your surgeon's instructions carefully and you should eventually (usually after 6 weeks) be able to return to your vigorous lifestyle.

Hernia repair and abdominoplasty

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Usually the hernia repairs produce more localized pain (the area where the hernia was) than just a diastasis alone. This does not usually affect return to work or activity level. 

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Healing after a tummy tuck and hernia

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The healing period is the same.. Muscle tightening requires 6 weeks to heal just like a hernia repair.

Recurrenc is unusual but can happen.. Keeping your weight normal and abdominals firm may help

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Abdominal wall hernia repair recuperation

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Repair of the ventral and umbilical hernias may result in a slightly longer recovery because the surgery will have these additional components. This should not have a longterm effect on your ability to exercise. If the hernias resulted from childbearing and you do not have more children, they should not recur if properly repaired. In terms of combining the operations, this will make for a long procedure under general anesthesia so be sure to follow your surgeon's instructions for use of the inspiration spirometer ( that little gadget that you blow into after surgeries) to promote your pulmonary status. Best of luck to you. Dr. K

Abdominal wall Hernias and Recurrence?

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Thank you for the question.

You will find that the repair of the 2 hernias will not significantly alter your recovery period. Your plastic surgeon will have specific post operative activity restrictions/guidelines for you.

Generally,  patients are asked to avoid heavy lifting for at least 4 to 6 Weeks after hernia repair and tummy tuck surgery. After a few months hopefully you'll be back to your very active lifestyle.

Best Wishes.

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