Hernia Repair While Getting Lipo In Mexico? Will it Be Covered By Insurance?

I have went to lincoln hospital in the Bronx ny for a lump in my belly button. While there they gave me a cat scan and told me everything was ok. I am scheduled to go to mexico because a friend of mine went to a doctor there and we have the same body type and i loved her results. I have gotten other opinions and was told that I do have an umbilical hernia and wanted to know if my insurance will pay for the hernia repair while im getting liposuction in mexico.

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Hernia Repair and Liposuction in NYC

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If you have an umbilical hernia, it should be repaired. Liposuction can be done at the same time. The liposuction can be done through the incision made to fix the hernia. THis can be done as an outpatient surgery and you can go home the same day. While insurance will cover the hernia repair, it will not be covered it you have it done in Mexico.  You have a choice of excellent plastic surgeons in NYC and it you chose to go to Mexico to save money on your procedure, that is your choice, but you will need to pay out of pocket for the hernia to be fixed. Also, you should be prepared to pay out of pocket for any followup visits you may need back in this country, especially if you have a complication.

Hernia repair in Mexico

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I would check with your insurance company, but feel there is a high probability that the hernia repair will not be covered by your insurance if it is performed in Mexico.  You may want to look more closely at having both procedures done in the U.S.  You will want a doctor locally who will be able to see you for follow up visitis.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
Katy Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck in Mexico + Hernia Repair

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Thanks for your question -

You should call your insurance company but it would be highly unlikely that they would cover hernia repair by a non-US doctor at a non-US facility.

In addition, you should consider the increased complication risks of having surgery performed outside of the US.  Especially if you are not staying in the area for several weeks so the plastic surgeon can monitor your progress.  Even traveling long distances immediately post-op increases your risk for DVT and other serious complications.


I hope this helps.

Insurance coverage for hernia repair

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No American health insurance company is going to pay for a hernia repair performed in a foreign country, on an elective basis, at the same time as liposuction. You may have weakening of the abdominal muscles, in which case the liposuction would not be the operation of choice for you.  You should not confuse what is right for another patient with what is appropriate in your case.   

You Should Call Your Insurance

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Most insurance plans do not cover elective surgeries in other nations.  You should check with them.

It would be good to do the hernia at the same time in order to have the same recovery.  You may also have weakening of your abdominal muscles, diastasis recti that should optimally be corrected also and may be better off corrected with a tummy-tuck (abdominoplasty).

Liposuction alone does not correct hernias or abdominal wall weaknesses.  Most board certified plastic surgeons will help you with both.  Check with one here in the US.








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