Hernia Repair. Am I A Candidate For A Tummy Tuck?

I have had hernia repair surgery with mesh. At a recent consult, I was told I have another hernia above my BB. Is it safe to have a TT or should I go with more mesh, which by the way hurts!!!

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Hernia Repair.Am I A Candidate For A Tummy Tuck?Answr:

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I cant tell from your letter where the mesh has been placed for your other hernia, if it was in the groin or not, but I routinely repair hernia around the belly button when I do a tummy tuck. They are quite common and I do not use mesh when I do this...during a Tummy Tuck there is such good exposure that I can get it really secure with just sutures.

Hernia repair and tummy tucks

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I routinely perform hernia repair in conjunction with abdominoplasty procedures.  The presence of mesh is not worrisome but it does mean you have a slightly higher chance of infection.  Find a surgeon who has a great deal of experience with complex abdominal wall reconstruction and you will have your best chance of a superior (and uncomplicated) result.

Tummy Tuck Is Usually Possible after Hernia Repair

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Sorry to hear that your mesh hurts and  you have a new hernia.

It is worth evaluating whether your mesh can be removed or replaced ahile also repairing your new hernia and performing a tummy tuck.

Some Plastic Surgeons can do these procedures on their own or may prefer to collaborate with a General Surgeon.

Whether you can undergo a combined procedure will depend partly upon the placement of your previous incisions, location of the mesh and of your new hernia.

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