Is Hernia Repair with Mesh Safe?

I’m scheduled to have hernia repair for a large incisional hernia resulting from weight loss surgery. (It is going to be done laparoscopically with mesh-(was not told what type of mesh) Apparently my hole is too large to close first, so only mesh will be used to close the hole. My questions are, is this a safe procedure? Will I stop looking 6 months pregnant? If I don’t get it done I heard it will most likely get larger and then be harder to fix, is that correct? Scared! Thank you!

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Incisional Hernia repair with Mesh

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Thank you for posting your Qs.  It is common to use mesh to repair almost all hernias.  With a large incisional hernia I would usually reconstruct the abdominal wall muscle layers and revise the scar at the same time.  With this approach you achieve a secure repair with a good cosmetic outcome and a flat tummy.  Would recommend that you discuss with your surgeon your goals and about repairing the muscles.  Good luck.

Abdominoplast with mesh reinforces hernia repair

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I never recommend treatment of large incisional hernia with laproscopic approach.  The superior approach is to use an open abdominoplasty technique withe mesh reinforcement.  There have been a couple of articles published recently in Plastic and Reconstructive Journal describing this technique.  The advantages of this technique is large mesh is used and placed under tension, reinforcing the entire abdominal wall to prevent recurrence.  Abdominoplasty allows the placement of sutures a great distant away from the hernia defect, providing more mechanical stability and less mechanical strain (sheer) on the sutures.  Abdominoplasty with mesh reinforcement is the superior alternative with lower recurrence rate.

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Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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