Can I Get a Hernia Repair, Breast Augmentation and Fat on the Arms Removed at the Same Time?

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Possible, but depends on patient

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This really depends on a physical examination performed by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Some patients are able to undergo multiple procedures in a single surgery, but others are not. 

Hernia repair together with breast implants and liposuction

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In most cases I would say yes. The cases where this would not be a good idea are very large or recurrent hernias where there is a risk of damage to the bowel. Your hernia surgeon and plastic surgeon will have to work together.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Multiple Surgeries

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In most cases, as long as your are healthy, you can have multiple surgeries at the same time.  However, without seeing you in consultation, it is hard to tell for sure.  The procedures that you list should work well together.  Good luck.

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