Hernia Repair After Eleoostomy Bag Reversal?

After my surgery of the stomach taking out 3' of intestine. I had a eleostomy bag for three mounths. After that I now have a large hernia and am having a hard time to loose weight to get it fixed. What are my options?

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Incisional Hernia Repair Requires Special Expertise

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Incisional hernias are complicated problems to repair. At ROX Hernia Center, we have a team of general surgeons and plastic surgeons who are ready to tackle the toughest hernia problems. Dr. Daniel Marcus is our laparascopic surgeon who has special expertise in minimally invasive surgery. Please call our office to schedule your consultation at 888-290-4847. You may also visit our site at hernialosangeles dot com.

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Surgical options after ileostomy reversal and hernia.

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I'm sorry, but none of us here have enough information without a much more detailed medical/surgical history and the benefit of a direct physical examination to offer advice of value. Given that you have a hernia, as well as a history of having required an ileostomy, you already have a General Surgeon familiar with you and your medical issues. This doctor is your best starting place (or a similarly-trained and Board-certified colleague if you want another opinion).

In rare cases of massive, difficult-to-repair, or recurrent hernias, plastic surgeons are brought into the overall care plan as consulting specialists. Even plastic surgeons whose prior training and Board certification was in Surgery (General Surgery), no longer practice as general surgeons, but certainly retain the knowledge and expertise related to your abdominal anatomy, and can offer help if your General Surgeon needs it. Otherwise, General Surgeons can consult about your hernia, as well as weight loss options if you are overweight, obese, or morbidly obese. Make an appointment and good luck!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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