Is It Possible to Have a Hernia in my Drain Tube from my Tummy Tuck?

There is a long red tubular string hanging inside my drainage bulb and going all through the tube into the incision sight. I have had it for 1 week now but am a bit afraid to call the doc. I had to push a lot for the first bm after surgery. Is this something serious?

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Blood Clot String - NOTHING to worry About

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First, you should NEVER be afraid of calling your Plastic surgeon. Like most of my colleagues,  I take pride in my work and want my patients to be comfortable with their healing and their results. CALL HIM!

Secondly, the red string you are referring to is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. It is a blood clot that is making its way into the drain. This is completely normal just like the gradual change of the drainage fluid from bloody, to blood tinged, to apple juice like to light Mexican beer color. You are doing well.

When you see your surgeon, ask him to "milk" the drains and the string will be sucked out. Enjoy the weekend.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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