I Had a Hernia and Diastasis Recti from Having Twins. The Surgeons Explained That I Was NOT a Candidate for a TT (5'5 112 Lbs)

but that my hernia & diastasis needed to be corrected.Had hernia repair & muscle reconstruction. Drains were removed after a week and I thought I was ok. But 6 months later, I started feeling a lot of pressure and pain. Cscan showed large loculation of fluid and distorted mesh. Did cscan guided drainage and sent me home w/ drain. Fluid came back and I had drainage done again.Got drain out 2 weeks ago and fluid is now back.Is it safe to have more kids? Can I get mesh out during csection?

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Complications after Diastasis Repair?

I'm sorry to hear about the competitions you have experienced.

I see no reason why he should not be able to have more children. I would suggest you seek consultation with experienced surgeons and OB/GYN's regarding the mesh that is in place. Given the recurrent fluid accumulations it may need to be removed (especially if the fluid is or becomes infected).

Your entire history seems somewhat unusual  and your current situation is somewhat complex;  don't hesitate to seek second opinions.

Best wishes.

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Complicated mesh after diastasis repair

The use of mesh is very uncommon in repair or a diastasis after pregnancy, and it also is unusual that you were not a candidate for some form of tummy tuck if skin laxity was an issue. The seroma around the mesh can be very troubling as infections can occur after repeated attempts to drain. If the collection will not resolve it may become necessary to have the mesh removed, and in the best case before any pregnancy. You can have a safe pregnancy, though after the current issue is resolved.

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Repair of diastasis

Was your procedure performed by a plastic surgeon?  It is unusual to use mesh in cases where a diastasis repair  is performed.  Usually it is repaired with permanent sutures and no mesh.  I'm sure you can have more children.  Ultimately, the mesh may have to come out.  Please confer with your physician.

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Talmage J. Raine MD FACS

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